Sleep Apnea

Resmed Airsense 10 FAQs

Dry mouth can occur if you are not using enough humidity or if not using the proper fitting mask.  It is advised to increase the humidity level on “My Options – Humidity level”. If your mask does not fit properly, this will cause air to escape resulting in the drying of the mouth. Try to tighten the head strap to prevents leaks or choose mask with proper fit.

Adding humidity is a personal choice which improves your comfort.  You can choose to use the device without adding water in the humidity chamber.  However, it is important to disable the humidity setting.

With the Auto-Ramp feature, it is possible to begin your therapy using a lowered pressure setting. This feature helps you find sleep with a more comfortable pressure setting while the pressure will gradually build up till it reaches the target pressure.

When the air becomes too humid, the excess water vapor condenses on the tube of mask.  It is advised to reduce the humidity level.  However, a better option will be the ClimateLine Air heated tube which allows you to control the temperature and humidity of air delivered.   Please contact your provider for more details.

After you stop the treatment when you are awake, you may notice that the device keeps blowing air.  This feature is normal step in the powering -down process.  It allows the device to cool down and blow off any condensation build-up in the tube.  This may take a around 20 to 30 minutes.

The air filter prevents dust and other debris from entering the device.  Not using a filter or using a dirty filter will result in the accumulation of dust the motor.  This will make the motor noisy and will disturb your sleep.  It is highly recommended to check the air filter at least once per month, clean your filter occasionally and replace the filter when necessary.  A clean filter means a healthy Airsense 10.